Product Designer

Designing technology solutions for today’s problems. Currently at BL3NDlabs in San Diego. Previously worked in Biomedical Engineering and Wedding Videography.

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Hi, I'm Daniel. I design interfaces that solve problems and delight users in their experience.

Previously, I worked in Biomedical Engineering and also became a featured wedding videographer. And by combining my passion for problem solving and creative work, I got into UI/UX. Through DESIGNATION, I learned new design skills, such as user research, wireframing, prototyping, and creating style tiles and style guides. With these skills, I found my process of taking a design from the exploratory stages and focusing it down to a singular design that's a creative, visual solution for the users. 

Apart from design, I'm traveling around with my film cameras, finding inspiration from fashion, architecture and all things based on good design.

Feel free to reach out below with whatever project you have or even just to chat!

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