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My Summer in Chicago 

from my iphone

I'm currently in Chicago for the summer. I knew I'd be taking pics and decided to put together something that highlights my favorite things of the city (so far). It might not be much because I'm spending 70 hours a week in my program, but I'm doing the best I can!

Millennium Park: I know, it's such a touristy place to be, but I always enjoy people watching and seeing all the different parts of the park.

Art Institute of Chicago: This place totally caught me off guard. I found myself being intrigued in the art pieces and the history that each piece carried. It was also a lot bigger than I had expected and found myself having to retrace my steps a couple of times.

Two things that I liked about the museum is that each room is so carefully laid out. From the pieces on display to the color of the walls, I loved the attention to detail that went into each of those things. The other was that because the museum covers historical, cultural and modernism art, the architecture and design of the spaces reflect all those. 

Coffee: This one's been a struggle for me. I'm sure there are a lot of great shops out there, that I haven't made it out to, but most fall short to the design of the shops out in LA. (I'm sorry Chicago sad face )Intelligentsia and Bow Truss probably have the biggest presence in the city, but they just don't match the interior to LA. It's probably because in LA, there aren't as many skyscrapers, which allows for LA shops to take advantage of the light coming through their windows. 

Some shop highlights:

  • Intelligentsia (Wicker Park): Sure, Intelli is almost the household name in Chicago, and I'm pretty bored of them, but the Wicker Park location is absolutely beautiful. It's got pretty big windows and I dig their bar layout, along with the artsy boxes. 
  • Bow Truss: I just visited the one in the financial district and it was cool, but didn't dig that they had no natural light. Def don't go out of your way to visit one of these. 
  • Ipsento 606: Came across it on Sprudge and managed to visit during their soft opening. The baristas there are super down to earth and I got to meet Jeremy and Harris(606 manager). Both are rad dudes and I'm excited to see how the new location is going to do this summer. 
  • Cafe Integral: I had seen this place a couple times on Instagram, but didn't know that it was so close to my school, until I randomly walked past it and recognized it. With a small spot in a hotel lobby, and only getting soft light, the shop is a beaut. Mazama cups and almost too-beautiful-to-eat food. Oh yeah, their coffee program is great; they only use Nicaragua beans, which sounds limiting, but it's not. Say hi to Mike and Catherine (Katherine?) for me. 

Other shops that I've visited, but didn't document:

  • buzz: killer espresso - in Wicker Park. Rad people, plenty of seating to get work done
  • gaslight coffee roasters - dope place, lots of lighting @logan square
  • arbor - a mix of a coffee shop & restaurant


The city views: Whenever I can, I try to walk a different route each day, to get a different view. And these are a collection of some photos that I got while walking around. Oh, the one from above are from the Chicago 360 observatory. 


People in Chicago: This is just a collection of photos that I took of people in & around the city


The "L": It's loud, smelly (sometimes), and if you're wearing your fav articles of clothing, you probably shouldn't take a seat. I've been skateboarding to class pretty often or Lyft Line-ing it, but the train is pretty dope too

Under the "L": There are parts of the "L" that are eLevated and this part has become a favorite of mine to shoot. You'll get unique light patterns and different lighting throughout the day, so it's always fun to shoot and to get something different. 

more to come!

as mentioned, all photos are from my iphone