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Fulcrum is a talent cloud platform that empowers companies to find and hire specialized gig economy workers and stay compliant with employment law. We partnered with Fulcrum’s founders, 20-year veterans of the employment space, to create their branding and their marketing page. As one of two designers on this project, my role was focused on the UX, visual design and animation for their marketing page.

Fulcrum Hero

The Workforce is Changing

Enterprises undergo a laborious process of trying to find talent through manual methods. In most large companies, there’s a dedicated department that is tasked with hiring hourly/contract talent, but this process struggles to feed the company’s need for highly specialized talent on-demand.


Enterprises are missing out on this critical talent pool.

As a potential solution, there are thousands of talent cloud platforms capturing on-demand talent, and it’s only growing. For Fortune 1000 companies, access to this talent cloud is limited and legally risky. Sometimes, hiring managers are so desperate for candidates that they “rogue spend,” meaning they use the talent cloud platforms but pay it outside of their work to circumvent the procurement process. Rogue spending has a direct effect on an enterprise’s financial bottom line as it reports inaccurately. It also cuts out potential scale-based partnerships enterprises can negotiate.

And then for the gig economy workers, they cannot take advantage of opportunities at these large enterprises due to the employer’s compliance concerns.

The demand and supply side need a solution. That solution is Fulcrum.

In this crossroad for gig economy workers and the Fortune 1000 companies, Fulcrum saw a need for a solution that matched the demands to the growing supplies.


The Marketing Page

In our brand exploration stage, we really explore out by asking what the business’ goals are and to define who the users are. By doing this, we’re able to help focus back into the user goals.

Asking the Why/How/What of Fulcrum’s users?

Asking the Why/How/What of Fulcrum’s users?

Whiteboarding the marketing page

Whiteboarding the marketing page

Fulcrum - Wireframe - 4up.png

We iterated on a simple, 1 page design and wireframed different sections that highlighted what Fulcrum has to offer, why they should be considered and who it’s for. By answering these, clearly and not vaguely, the users that they’re focusing on should be able to identify their solution needs with Fulcrum.

Style Tile - Clean, Simple, Scalable

Style Tile - Clean, Simple, Scalable


We had presented three different directions, but agreed with Fulcrum going with this direction that is “Clean, Simple, and Scalable” as it made them look like a fresh and modern solution for its users that we designed for.

Fulcrum Marketing Page
Fulcrum_Dot_Animation_DL_V1.1 2.gif


Final Thoughts

Fulcrum is a fresh, modern solution connecting the Fortune 1000 companies to the gig economy, and that’s what we were able to do for their branding and marketing page. They were extremely happy to see their idea come to visualization. They’ve been able to sign on Pitney Bowes and are continuing to add more enterprises onboard for their upcoming platform.

Since launching the marketing page, we’re continue our work with Fulcrum. The talent cloud platform is the milestone and we can’t wait to have it ready for the enterprise 1000 companies.