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Designing technology solutions for today’s problems. Currently at BL3NDlabs in San Diego. Previously worked in Biomedical Engineering and Wedding Videography.


I've always told myself that I would never get to this point, where I would blog and create a website...but now, here we are. 

I wanted to create a page where I could display my not just my video work, but also my adventures. Many of my friends know that I spend a crazy amount of weekends, going to places like Zion and Yosemite(mostly Yosemite). And from those trips, I've got so many photos and experiences to share. I thought this would be a good place to share and help people plan for their trips, to know what gear to take. 

Another big reason for website is the John Muir Trail(JMT). Before planning for it even began, I was presented with a sponsorship for the Pacific Crest Trail(PCT), earlier this year. Sponsorships involved companies like Osprey, Nemo Equipment, Leki, Darn Tough, and Vasque Boots. Unfortunately, I received this sponsorship email on the first day of my new job. And before that, I was almost unemployed for a year. It was a very tough decision, but I ended up having to turn the sponsorship down. 

That decision was tough to get past, and while beginning my new job, thoughts of the JMT kept coming up. I would research and go through different people's blog about the trail and their trips. There is just so much content to go through, regarding the JMT, and, these days, people are getting so much better at documenting their trips and sharing them. I've connected with such great people that have hiked it, and they've been extremely helpful for my planning process. This then led to applying for some permits. I was applying for the tail-end of the prime season, which still meant up to a 95% rejection rate. Despite that daunting rejection rate, I was awarded a permit for 4 people for a start date of August 28th. 

And now, here we are. I'm currently planning my gear, food, and itinerary for the trip, while creating this website. I want to create this page to become a platform for me to share my trip with you all. I don't expect it to reach out to too many people, but as long as you guys enjoy my photos and even if it nudges you to spend more time outdoors, I'll be happy. 

As I go on, I'll share my itinerary, the food plans and the gear we'll be using on the trail.